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Rental fee $480/1 day
$3000 per week
1 month $4200

-Cloud ePOS (bring your own mobile phone, iPad or Android Pad)
-(Optional) Automatic cash register
-(If the device does not have a camera function optional) Barcode reader
-Cloud remote real-time tracking report, control background
-3 seconds one-click clearing service
-System import goods information service, barcode and QR code
-Provide a wireless charging version of 80mm printer
-Unlimited supply of 4-proof 80mm thermal paper
-Package delivery, receipt, package one-time installation
-24 hours support
-All problems will be replaced instantly during the rental period
# Rental for at least 3 days

Book fairs, exhibitions and sales of retail ePOS machines rented

  • If you don’t need to rent an iPad, don’t bother about "I recommend using your own device"

    Tips for renting an iPad:

    • Provide the latest 2020 iPad 7 10.2-inch 32GB
    • iPad with 4G network
    • The deposit is $3,000
    • In case of damage, the price is $3599 and 20% off compensation
    • If you don't need to rent an iPad, you can get a deposit free
    • The deposit will be refunded in cash on the day of receipt
  • 專業雲端盤點庫存


    • 庫存預測
    • 可自由增減修訂改查原料,進貨,分類,庫位,供應商,品牌結算賬戶,單位,退貨;
    • 下載模版/匯入庫存
    • 手機/電腦儀表板eBoss後台系統
    • 添加供應商到供應商列表,填寫名稱,地址,聯繫
    • 店內常用結算帳戶
    • 盤點貨品/材料
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