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Privacy policy

In order to ensure the privacy of users when using the "ROKA SERVICE" service, this privacy policy is formulated. Please read the following related content to help you understand how ROKA SERVICE (hereinafter referred to as the company) collects, protects and uses your information. Various information provided. At the same time, the personal data collected by "ROKA SERVICE" shall be handled in accordance with the "Personal Data Protection Law", the company's "Information Security Policy" and the company's "Information Security Management Standards", unless otherwise stipulated by other laws. By using the "ROKA SERVICE" service, it is deemed that you agree and know the following:

Scope of privacy protection policy

The content covered by this policy applies to the protection of personal data involved when you connect to the company's website and server through the "ROKA SERVICE" service. Links to non-company websites and servers through "ROKA SERVICE". Regarding the personal data protection of the non-company websites and servers, the privacy policies of the companies to which the websites and servers belong are applicable, and the company is not responsible for any collateral responsibility.

Data collection, protection and use

  • When simply using "ROKA SERVICE" to browse the company's public information, no personal identification information will be collected.

  • When using the business services provided by "ROKA SERVICE", the user is a contracted customer of the company or a possible customer with the right to experience trial, and the account and password of the exclusive login system are required.

The company is obliged to protect the privacy of customers. Except for the maintenance or inspection of system security, or the legal use of personal data within the scope permitted by the Personal Data Protection Law, the company will never disclose to the public the individuals logged in or generated by the user due to the use of this service. Except for the following circumstances, the company will never disclose your legally protected information without your consent.

  • When downloading personal data through "ROKA SERVICE", the "ROKA SERVICE" server will record simple historical data (excluding the details of the data checked). The collection of these data is for the company’s engineering unit to conduct traffic and behavior surveys. Quantity analysis.

Correction of personal data

If you find that your personal data needs to be amended, please contact the relevant company of the company for correction or supplementation to ensure your own rights and interests.

Confidentiality and security

The company has implemented information security management, and the personnel who can access your data are limited to employees who reasonably believe that the company must provide services to you or who need to obtain these data for troubleshooting and product quality improvement. The company also adopts physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with regulatory requirements to protect the security of your personal data.

Amendment of privacy protection policy

This privacy protection policy will be revised at any time in response to needs to implement the purpose of protecting the privacy of users. When this privacy protection policy is amended, you will be notified and announced on the company's website.

User terms

Before using this service, please read the following agreed terms: This term is used to stipulate that when you inquire, retrieve, read personal data or obtain various other related information on the service interface provided by "ROKA SERVICE", The rights and obligations between you and the company. When you log in to the exclusive account of "ROKA SERVICE", it is deemed that you have read, agreed and are willing to abide by the matters regulated in the terms of service:

1. Responsibilities and Obligations of Users

Users refer to natural and legal persons who download, install and execute "ROKA SERVICE". The user shall do his best to keep his account and password properly, and shall not provide or disclose to unauthorized third parties for safekeeping or use; for all actions after logging in to "ROKA SERVICE" with a specific account and password, it is presumed to be all customers of the account The behavior. If the user discovers or suspects that his account or password has been fraudulently used or improperly used by an unauthorized third party, he should immediately notify the company for processing.

2. Download information

In order to maintain the correctness of the information downloaded through "ROKA SERVICE", users are requested to update it at any time to avoid losses (for example: outdated order information causes errors in business data statistics). The company is not responsible for any losses that can be attributed to the user's failure to update the information. Please continue to update the APP program so that "ROKA SERVICE" can maintain the correctness of the latest functions.

Three, service interruption and disclaimer

The company tries its best to maintain the operation of "ROKA SERVICE" in order to provide users with stable service quality. However, if one of the following situations occurs, so that the company suspends or interrupts all or part of the "ROKA SERVICE" service, for the use of this service, Or any direct, indirect, derivative or all other damages caused by the inability to use this service shall not be liable for any compensation:

  1. After the relevant system equipment has been connected and notified to the user, the necessary maintenance, relocation, replacement, upgrade, failure, or repair performed, resulting in the suspension or interruption of the service.

  2. The service is stopped or interrupted due to reasons not attributable to the company.

  3. The user violates government laws or these terms of service.

When the service is suspended for some reason or various external factors cause the service to be interrupted, the company will immediately announce it on the company's website.

4. Amendment of terms

In response to the continuous improvement and update of the service content, "ROKA SERVICE" may amend the agreed content of the terms at any time, including modification, deletion and addition of usage specifications, policies and related service descriptions. The revised content, unless otherwise stated, will be announced on the company's website and will be effective from the date of the announcement to the third day. From the effective date, if you continue to log in and use this service, you will be deemed to agree to all the content after the amendment.

5. Use of personal data

With regard to the personal data logged in or generated by using "ROKA SERVICE", the user agrees that the company may collect and process within a reasonable scope, and use it legally within the scope permitted by the Personal Data Protection Law.

6. Privacy protection

Except for the maintenance or inspection of system security, or the legal use of personal data within the scope permitted by the Personal Data Protection Law, the company will never disclose the personal data that users log in or generated by using this service.

Regarding the detailed agreement on the use and protection of user data, you agree to comply with the company's privacy protection policy. For detailed specifications, please refer to the privacy protection policy.

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